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Just so you know, I'm still here, alive and kicking. These last couple of months I've been busier then ever, so I must apologize for the lack of new stuff in my gallery.  Don't know when I'll be able to post some of the new and exciting work I'm currently doing, but I'll try to make time for some personal shit just so I don't disappear completely.

Yesterday I have received my third DD from :iconalexandrasalas: which was like a great birthday present, considering I turned 30 a couple of days ago. I want to thank all of you who commented, faved and showed support, and I want you to know it is much appreciated.

Right now I feel old as fuck so I'll just go and do some work while listening to DIO.…
Just wanted to say thanks to all the people who faved and commented on my work yesterday. I wish I had more time to reply to each and every one of you but sadly It's impossible. There's work to be done!

Thanks again! You rule!!!
Yesterday I got my first "daily deviation" for my creepy Pinocchio piece and my inbox is about to burst.

Holy shit! I'm trying to go through all the messages and look at the galleries of thousands of people who commented/faved/watched, but there is no way I can respond to each and everyone. What I can do is THANK YOU ALL sincerely for all the support and attention you gave me.